Seller Tips

As a full-time real estate agent, I am often asked, “what do I need to do with my house before I list it?”  The first three things I recommend to my clients who are thinking about selling are to declutter, depersonalize, and clean. The best thing about these three actions is that they don’t have to cost you anything. With less furniture in the rooms, fewer items on the countertops, and no pictures of the current owners on the walls, buyers can more readily see themselves living in the property.  And a clean home gives buyers the perception that the home has been well maintained.

There may be other items to consider as well:

  • paint the home a neutral shade of light tan or gray
  • replace any worn carpet (or professionally steam clean)
  • pressure wash the house
  • address any maintenance items like servicing the furnace
  • take care of any leaks
  • reseal an asphalt driveway
  • tend to any landscaping needs

First impressions are critical - whether potential buyers see the property online, or in person.  The goal is to showcase the house in its best condition from the very beginning to attract the most buyers.

For more tips on preparing your home to sell, contact me to request your FREE Home Enhancement Checklist.